League Play


Are you interested in competitive play? We have competitive leagues and teams for all levels of players. We offer plenty of opportunities for league play during the spring/summer season.

Women's USTA Leagues:

We host several spring/summer ladies USTA teams for all ages and levels. We have several teams from the 2.5 - 4.0 level. The action is exciting from the first serve to match point, along with a fun and social atmosphere. Looking to join a team or need more information? Please contact us 215-643-7377 or email info@upperdublinsportscenter.com

Ladies Day time USTA Teams
Ladies Summer/Weekend USTA Teams

Men's/Mixed USTA Spring/Summer Leagues:

USTA and Interclub Spring and Summer Travel Teams (April - June)

3.5 18+ and 3.5 40+ Men's USTA (Saturdays)

4.0 18+ and 4.0 40+ Men's USTA (Saturdays)

4.5 18+ and 4.5 40+ Men's USTA (Saturdays)

4.5 18+ and 4.5 40+ Women's USTA (Thursday evenings)

3.0 40+ Men's USTA (day/dates TBA)

Sunday Mixed Doubles Philly Interclub (Country Club League) - 4.0 and 4.5 doubles (Sundays)

Please contact seanmcelroy@playudsc.com to be put in touch with a captain.

Women's Interclub:

Tennis competition occurs outdoors during the spring, usually from the last week in April through the first week in June, excluding playoffs. Club membership is required.