From Beginners to Advanced Competitive Players, our programming has a place for you. Our TMA coaching staff strives to find ways “MATCH” your needs. Our instruction is anchored by our knowledge in producing technically efficient strokes while delivering it in a fun “live ball drill” format.


Developing technically efficient strokes not only dramatically improves your game, but also helps to prevent injury. Whether it’s improving your topspin, developing a stronger serve, adding a drop shot, or rehabbing an injury or helping prevent one, there is no substitute for private instruction from our tennis staff. Our technical knowledge will keep you on the court longer!

Contact our Adult Tennis Director: Victor Urzua USPTA, to get started!



Have you always wanted to play tennis? Learn a new sport, make new friends, have fun, and feel great! Our New to Tennis instructional clinic teaches players how to serve, rally and play while learning the basics of tennis in a fun and relaxed environment.

This clinc meets on Sunday 8-9 AM, and Thursday 6-7PM


Have you played before, but think you forgot? We can bring it back! This clinic will consist of double drills, continuous improvement with stroke production and shot selection. Our Restart tennis class is the perfect blend of information, perspiration and inspiration. Get started quickly with our flexible format. Week to week sign ups, no commitment needed!

Level 2.5+ Sunday 9-10:30 AM & Monday 9-10:30AM

Huibri@playtma.com or 215-696-3906, if interested


Created to give you control over who you play with and what you work on.
You request the day and time and we will provide you a tennis professional to run your group. . This format allows you to customize your sessions based on the preferences of the group.

All Levels welcome! Up to 6 players.

To get your group started or for more information, contact Huibri@playtma.com or 215-696-3906


This is a great way to continue to improve on the fundamentals of the game while working on consistency and getting ready for point play. It also covers the basics of doubles play.

Monday 9 – 10:30am


Enjoy 90 minutes of Doubles play facilitated and organized by a pro in a positive and fun environment. Build your tennis knowledge and your tennis network. Pro will offer guidance, answer questions, pair up players. This is a great time to ask questions, learn match rules and practice.
Saturday 9 – 10:30am



There is no substitute for LIVEBALL DRILLS. especially when it comes to competitive doubles. The first 30 minutes are spent on developing the needed tools to use in developing a competitive double strategy.. The last hour is based on situational doubles drills that lead to building stategies based on the oppeents in front of you. This is a higher paced, greater intensity doubles coaching for 3.5 level players and above. Level Matching is very important to your development and the value of the group. Please get approval from our tennis staff before attending!

Groups are limited to 3 courts held Tuesday & Wednesday- 9-10:30am

Friday 10:30-12


Have you played before, but think you forgot? We can bring it back! This clinic will consist of double drills, continuous improvement with stroke production and shot selection. It is the perfect blend of information, perspiration and inspiration. Restart your tennis game!

Sunday 9 – 10:30am


This is a great mix of our Tennis Professionals’ favorite games and drills. Fast paced 2 on 2 doubles drills that will help take our game to the next level. Enjoy 90 minutes of a great workout with like minded players. Thursday 7 – 8:30pm Huibri@playtma.com 215-696-3906


Doubles with a specific partner is a such a unique experience. Making 2 good individual players work together can lead to a great partnership. Understanding what makes that balance is what makes our coaches unique. There isn’t one strategy that works for all. Taking the unique strengths of each player and blending them to create a strong pair will only come with working together in a competitive yet modified environment Our drills will teach you how to play better tennis TOGETHER Haven’t you always wanted to figure out who actually should “covers middle”.

Tuesday 12-1:30PM, Wednesday 10:30-12PM   and Friday 10:30-12PM


Tuesday Men’s Night

Multiple courts for drilling, this is the perfect bit of “you time” We run a variety of formats, but would best to equate your time with us attending a great practice on a college team. (Level 3.5 & higher)

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm

Sunday Sunrise

Haul out the coffee and join us. We have plenty of ringers and great players. High energy and play is the perfect way to start your Sunday on a high. (Level 3.5 – 4.5)

Sunday: 7:30 – 9 am

To sign-up, get more information about Men’s Night or Sunrise Programs

Call / Text Mark Spann 610-529-6096